Who We Are

  • Who we are

    IDlink is a consulting and software developing company specialized in designing and developing automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions based on RFID and barcode technology. Established in 2008, we were born with the vision and conviction that Auto-ID technologies will change the way companies do business, and the way the physical world interacts with the digital world.

    We are committed to providing solutions that allow our customers gain control and visibility of their critical business processes, their assets and their personnel. This information and business insight is transformed into performance efficiencies and cost reduction, adding value in different business scenarios of our customers.

  • Mission and Vision

    At IDlink we understand the importance of efficiency, visibility and control of your critical business processes. We are sure that software and new technologies are key to achieving goals, differentiate and compete in today’s world.

    Our passion for new technologies and our conviction that through innovation and dedication we can turn our customers’ needs and desires into reality, propels us to build software solutions using cutting edge technologies that improve our customers’ productivity and operational efficiency.

    We want to be leaders, with international reach, and be recognized as a company that understands their customer’s needs, delivering technology solutions that help you compete successfully.

  • Our culture

    At IDlink we are creative, flexible and innovation-oriented. We work with discipline and dedication, aligning our everyday business activities with our principles of integrity and honesty. We are constantly researching and developing new solutions that respond to our customers’ needs.

    We promote an entrepreneurial spirit, an inspiring learning environment and a space for the personal development of each one in our team, understanding that people comes first and then comes the business. These should be the foundations of our success as a company.

  • Our values


    As a team, we work hard to satisfy our customers. With motivation and discipline, we like to put our best effort in everything we do.


    We think it’s critical to embrace and encourage new ideas among our team. Being a young company allows us to think different and we are proud of that.


    We respond flexibly according to changes in our environment and our customer needs.


    We have a strong belief in people and we respect ourselves and our clients. It’s important for us to empower and listen to each other’s opinions, and to treat our customers the best we can.