linkware PTM

Pharmaceutical Industry faces millionaire losses every year due to black market and piracy. According to WHO statistics and numbers, pharmaceutical counterfeiting ranges between 6% and 10%, with a strong trend in developing countries.

The ideal scenario for fighting this issue is by assuring the full integration of all the actors of the supply chain, and the utilization of RFID and EPC technologies. linkware PTM is a software services platform based in RFID and EPC compatible that allows laboratories, distributors and retailers to obtain relevant and timely information about the pharmaceuticals throughout their lifecycle.

linkware PTM not only prevents pharmaceutical counterfeiting, but also enables an automatic, precise and fast management of inventories, which benefits laboratorios, distributors, retailers and consumers.

The main benefits obtained by using linkware PTM are:

  • Real time inventory control.
  • Operating efficiency.
  • Reduction of losses.
  • Expiry date control.
  • Fight counterfeiting.

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