linkware FIT

The past two decades retail was all about cutting supply chain costs. Now, the new edge is once again better execution in the store.

In the fast-paced world of fashion, success for retailers hinges on being able to put the right item in the customer’s hand at the right time. However,  it shouldn’t be just about operational efficiency, but also about delivering the ultimate shopping experience, engaging the customer with social media networks like Facebook:  Enter RFID.

Linkware FIT leverages RFID technology to deliver accuracy in inventory management from your distribution center to your store. From automated shipping, receiving, cycle counting and re-stocking of your sales floor, to smart fitting rooms, RFID will give you unprecedented insight into your inventory and customer preferences.

Business benefits:

  • Reduction in OOS by 60% to 80%.
  • Better inventory accuracy 98%.
  • Reduced cycle count time 75% to 92%.
  • Reduced inventory carrying costs 30% to 59%.
  • Reduced receiving time up to 91%.
  • Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • New shopping experiences for your customers and connection to social networks.

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